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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Maker and His Plan

He looked at the next name on the list and turned to look expectantly at the assistant.

“Well, what do we have here?”

“This guy is looking for someone who is educated, willing to have a career but not too ambitious, good-natured and who will fit well into his extended family with whom he has very close relations."

“Ok. Anything else?”

“His parents want someone from a traditional family, homely, respected, grounded in values and working in a profession that’s not too demanding – preferably, a banking or teaching job.”

Armed with this info, He turned to scan the applications lying around. Finally, He settled on one and said to the assistant, “Here – put these two together. This applicant appears to be the closest fit to the specified requirements. Of course, it won’t be a bed of roses always….but still.…..,” He trailed off mid-sentence, appearing lost in thought, prompting the assistant to ask, “Is there something else?”

He replied with an impish smile, “She’s a silent, reserved kind and needs to loosen up and talk and laugh a little more and take herself and the world less seriously. She also needs to learn to open up to new people and new experiences and be more generous. She gives too much importance to being systematic and punctual; she needs to understand to find joy even in chaotic situations created when there’s no systematic plan.”

“And what about him?” asked the assistant.

“Oh, he needs someone who will be as loving and accepting of the entire family as he is. After a few years, he will venture out on a path that no one in his family has tread, and he needs someone to stand solidly by his side. He’s very impulsive and so, he must have someone who will make him slow down a bit when taking important decisions.”

“Most importantly, he doesn’t know it now, but in the future, he is destined to seek Me with greater vigour. Who can be a better partner than someone who is always asking Me for ‘jnana, bhakti and vairagya’? Yes, I will put these two together.”

And thus it came to pass that things fell smoothly in place and this particular joint venture got underway.

What are the chances of a guy from cosmopolitan Bangalore marrying a girl born and brought up in small-town Goa? How likely is it that two people with superficially very different characteristics will go on to learn to help each other grow as they journey through life together?

Marriages are made in heaven, but the maintenance charges must be paid on earth.

Thankfully, by His Grace, and the goodwill of all their family and friends, this particular couple of Mr. Suresh Ranganathan and Mrs. Anusuya Suresh are cheerfully on the job, have created ONE wonderful asset in their 15 years together and are moving ahead, looking forward to learning from each other and growing to the best of their inherent potential.