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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Happy Independence Day

A few days ago, I received this insightful message on Whatsapp.

Today, as I join my fellow Indians in celebrating our 69th Independence Day, I cannot but help think how totally this applies to my sentiment for my country, too. 

The older I grow, the longer I dwell in the energy of this divine land and recognize the scent of Her skin, the more I grow aware of how lucky I am to be born in this punya bhoomi. No doubt, we have a lot of imperfections; certain conditions in our country do leave a lot to be desired - poverty, illiteracy, corruption, squalour, disease are major problems we face. But so do many other nations....including the ones we term "developed." What matters most is our attitude towards dealing with them. 

Break down any major major problem into smaller ones and you are sure to find something you can do as an individual to help solve a small part of it. This is the best approach to adopt - doing our bit to contribute towards our nation and countrymen. Can't think of what exactly to do? Just take a look at the stories on The Better India or The Ugly Indian and you will realize how much a single inspired person can achieve when he decides to act on his motivation.

As we celebrate yet another Independence Day, let us not be content with forwarding messages that say "Saare Jahaan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara" - let each one of us pledge and draw up an action plan to actually work towards making that sentiment a reality that the saaraa jahaan accepts. 


  1. My bit for this beautiful thought, Anu. Its very well written as always. And ofcrs, empowering the young minds and compelling the old ones to follow certain do's and don'ts will add more value in bringing about a change in this country or to humanity as a whole. Thanks for the write up...

    1. Your "bit" is actually quite a big thought, Shilpa...thanks for sharing.


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