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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

I’m lucky to belong to a generation of women who share the following experiences

Our parents gave us access to education that empowered us and encouraged us to be independent. At the same time, they also taught us that “विध्या विनयेन शोभते” (Vidya Vinayena Shobhate) which means knowledge is graced by humility.

Growing up, we had role models in our mothers, grandmothers and aunts. We learned practically what it means to respect elders and take joy in caring for the good of everyone.

The most common refrain that was used to train us into the right mannerisms, attitudes and behaviours was, “What will your future in-laws’ say!” We may have resented it then. But now, we know that by drilling that into us, our parents taught us a vital skill of fitting into the family we got married into.

We went into marriage knowing that it is a union of not just two people but of two families. We also had the unspoken status of being brand ambassadors of our parents’ upbringing. This unique combination gave us the patience to work hard at winning the new family over and forging strong bonds over a period of time.

We learned that there can be joy in the journey of discovering someone whom you knew nothing of before he became your life partner.

Our upbringing was such that we know being a life partner means more about being willing to shoulder responsibilities than asking for your rights.

Whether we are working outside the house or not, our husbands know we are capable of managing things without their active involvement. This means we sometimes end up being taken for granted. But thanks to the way we’ve been brought up, we are strong enough to cope with that, and never lose sight of our ultimate goal – a bright future for the entire family.

If you are a strong woman like this, kudos!

If you are a guy who has a woman like this in your life, treasure her every day ....they don’t make them like this anymore!


  1. Awesome Anu..captures beautifully the essence of a woman which we all can relate to!

  2. Very well written, Anu. Yes, women and men equally have contributed towards a strong upbringing of each one of us in our lives. But I would like to also say, that once married, no matter how many years of fitting in and fighting to belong to the family you get married to, it is jinxed. People will superficially say they consider the bride as their daughter. They don't even consider her a daughter in law even today. It is not right to try and fit into a family which destroys your self respect and which does not consider you as a woman in the first place. This happens in urban households itself. Rural is far fetched. I just hope, wish and strive to change this attitude. Hope it changes. Yes, the fight will continue coz we are strong woman and will never ever give up.

    1. Whoa...quite some strong emotion there, Shilpa...and probably is true since you're pointing it out...all I can say is that we must work on our path..and trust Him to do the rest.

  3. Crisp and crackling as always

  4. Succinct and veracious.


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