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Friday, 10 January 2020

Margazhi Blogotsavam: Day 25: The Tailor Rescued by Jagannatha: Parameshti

Parameshti was a tailor living in Delhi. His physical appearance was forbidding – he was very dark and hunch-backed but as if to make up for that deformity, he was blessed with a great talent for tailoring and embroidery.

Now Parameshti was a great devotee of Lord Jagannatha, and would keep chanting His name, and singing bhajans in praise of his dear Lord. He was one of those rare souls who could see God in everyone, and so, he was always kind to other people.

The Baadshah of Delhi had heard of Parameshti’s skills with the needle. Once, he called the tailor and gave to him a beautiful cloth that had been specially prepared using threads of gold, and embedded with little diamonds, pearls and rubies. He ordered Parameshti to stitch 2 pillows for him using the special cloth.

Parameshti returned home and set to work. As usual, he was chanting the Name of Jagannatha while working. It was the day when the holy rathyatra of Lord Jagannatha was being held at Puri in faraway Odisha. 

Image courtesy: Jagaran
When he had finished preparing the pillows, Parameshti noticed a divine glow emanating from them. It reminded him of his beloved Jagannatha. Was a mere human being to enjoy this pillow? Wasn't his Lord truly deserving of such a beautiful pillow? Lost in the experience of His divine glory, Parameshti mentally offered one of the pillows to the Lord!

After a while, when he came out of his trance, Parameshti looked around and found that there was only one pillow! He was worried about what the Baadshah would say. But honest man that he was, he took that single pillow to the Baadshah and handed it over, and narrated all that had happened.

Naturally, the Baadshah was enraged. He ordered his guards to throw Parameshti into the jail and laughed, “Now let us see if your Jagannatha comes and frees you from prison!”

With his supreme faith, Parameshti accepted this turn of events as the Lord’s will.

That night, the Baadshah had a terrible dream in which a fierce-looking man was beating him up and shouting, “Will you dare to imprison the Lord’s devotee? Go and see how Parameshti is faring in prison!” Terrified, the Baadshah woke up in severe pain and found gashes on his arms as if he had been really whipped. He did as told and when he reached the jail, he was dumbstruck at the scene that
greeted his eyes. 

The gates to the prison were wide open! All the guards had fallen asleep! In the cell where Parameshti had been confined, the door was wide open! The bonds that had been tied around Parameshti’s hands and legs had come undone, and he lay in a relaxed posture, in deep slumber! 

The Lord never forsakes his true devotee! What the Baadshah had challenged out of ego, had come to pass in reality. His eyes were opened to the devotion of Parameshti. He then ordered the release of the tailor, brought him to the court, and rewarded him.

After this incident, Parameshti the tailor left Delhi and was never heard of again.

Can we try to develop a devotion as deep as that of Parameshti? 

Like him, can we seek to always offer the best of everything we have, to God?

Indian saints and sages By Prof. Shrikant Prasoon 


  1. Namaskaram! Very beautifully narrated.. Lucid yet crisp. Straightforward and simple. Will share with my little ones. Hope the story blogging of hindu saints continues through the year! Pranams

    1. Thank you. I'm happy you liked the stories!


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