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Thursday, 8 March 2018

What's in a Day?

The paper in her hand trembles, matching the tremor in her voice. Neither deters her from singing a hymn to Lord Ganesha in her ringing voice....

For just a little while, the burden of their loneliness is lifted by the chatter of a child who hugs and talks to them like the grandchild they don't get to see....

Stoic minds in fragile bodies and yet, they enthusiastically shuffle to a yesteryear hit.....

It matters not to them what today's special occasion is. What does matter is that in the name of celebrating this day, volunteers from Youth For Seva have chosen to spend a few hours talking, laughing, singing and dancing with them.....

#Women's Day celebrations at Ashraya Seva Trust

As for me, I'm just happy I could be there to see the joy on their faces .....


  1. A few minutes, a few hours, isn't that what they want. My parents tell me they would love to live independent life with whatever number of years is left for them. They also say if it becomes an absolute necessity to become dependent physically they would sought our help.
    I have seen many of my friends' parents living alone and trying their best to live independently. It is more of the self sustaining happy feeling that makes them all feel good about living such a life. I also visited few elderly who live in old age homes, senior citizens set up, etc. All they had to say was, we did our duty all these years, now we love to stay aloof from all the tensions, live a stress free life. However, they do miss their children, grand children, relatives etc, but they have found inner peace.
    They also like to interact with new people from different walks of life, share their stories, their perspectives on life. It is really delightful to see such elderly persons, setting respectful examples for us to age gracefully.

    Happy woman's day - everyday.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Shilpa!

  2. So intense Anu! I almost feel as if I am there!


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