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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Weekend Trip Down Memory Lane

Going on a trip is easy - writing about it is not! It takes time and energy and the right frame of mind - and getting all three to synchronize is growing more and more difficult by the day. I've been on 3 trips in 4 months and not managed to write about even a single one. 

Which is why, this time, I decided to try something different using a video slideshow with pictures and text. 

I'd like to apologize for the watermark that appears throughout. That's the disadvantage of using the free trial version of the video creating software. 

If I get positive feedback on this video blog, and I find myself going on many more trips, perhaps I will consider signing up for the paid version. 

Ramanathpura is a village in Arkalgud taluk of Hassan district of Karnataka. My paternal uncle used to live there till a few years ago; it was the place where I spent a major chunk of childhood summer vacations. My last visit to this picturesque place was at least 17 years ago - so going back here now, with new eyes, so to speak, was an experience to cherish. 

Here are a few moments I captured on screen and while they cannot do justice to the spirit I soaked up, they will, at least, serve as reminders... 

There have been many times when I've not attended family functions that are a mere 7 kms away from home. This time, I went 207 kms away and returned, having re-discovered memories that I had forgotten even existed.


  1. Lovely. As usual turned out to be much better than what i had expected. Took me also down memory lane. Thanks.

  2. Lovely. Good try for Vlogging. Besides we all get that one pic sitting on either sides of the jagali near the main door. My favorite pics of all. The relic, the sleep under mosquito net, river cauvery, brought me down my own memory lane. Thank you for this lovely vlog.

    1. Thank you for the read and comment, Shilpa. I'm glad you approve of the vlogging effort.

  3. Good, memories rediscovered.


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