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Sunday, 24 June 2018

God knows best, indeed !

Six or seven years ago, I was bitten by the bug of wanting to teach something more than just “pharmacy subjects”. I approached an organization that dealt with corporate training, and asked to be associated with them. Their main trainer was gracious enough to spend an hour talking to me. At the end of that conversation, I realized this area would not be the right fit for me at that time. Trusting that God knows best, I gave up on that goal.

Over the years, I found myself slowly trying to be a good guide to my students, taking an active interest in supporting them beyond just their studies. Often, there isn’t much I do beyond simply listening. Which is why I’m surprised and humbled when I see something like this..

Arfa Nasrine was my student two years ago. I haven’t taught her anything ever since she joined the post-graduate program. Not much interaction either, and no role absolutely in her activities. But she’s put this into the ‘Acknowledgement’ section of her M. Pharm dissertation. 

Yet again, I’m left surprised and humbled and grateful for being given the opportunity to help.


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