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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Margazhi Blogotsavam: Day 2: The Blind Singer: Soordas

Unable to bear the teasing of his playmates, the little boy stumbled home. But there was no respite there either for Soor. His mother scolded him and gave him less food than his brothers; his father refused to teach him; he didn’t get new clothes for Diwali like his brothers – all because he was born blind. 
Pic courtesy: Amar Chitra Katha
One day, sitting alone on the verandah of his house, Soor heard passing mendicants singing the glories of Sri Krishna. He felt strangely moved, and wanted to learn to sing like them. The next time another singing group passed by, Soor followed them, repeating their chants. When the group stopped for the night, they noticed the blind boy who had joined them, and fed him. But how could they care for him? So, they left early the next morning while Soor was still asleep.

Left all alone, Soor began singing songs and bhajans of Sri Krishna. People passing by would stop to listen to his melodious singing. They gave him food to eat. Over time, using his 6th sense, he began predicting things. From far and near, people flocked for the darshan and advice of "Soordas" as he was now called.

Playing his stringed instrument, singing the glories of Krishna, Soordas was a happy man. One night he dreamt that Krishna was calling him to Vrindavan, and the next morning, he rushed out, leaving behind the disciples who had gathered around him. 

Pic courtesy: Amar Chitra Katha

In one place, Soordas stumbled and fell into an abandoned well. What could he do? He just kept singing, calling out to Krishna for help. Then, he heard a child’s voice say, “I will help you out of the well, hold my hand and walk.” Lo and behold! Soordas found himself out of the well, but the boy had disappeared! Soordas walked on, singing of how his Gopala had rescued him!

One day, the great saint and teacher Vallabhacharya came to see Soordas. Overjoyed to see the bhakti and humility of Soordas, the Acharya stayed with him, and taught him more about Krishna and the scriptures, and granted him initiation with the mantra “Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama.” Obeying his guru’s instructions, Soordas began serving as the chief singer at the temple of Srinath ji in Govardhan. His fame spread far and wide, people came to listen to his singing, and his songs were on everyone’s lips.
Pic courtesy: Amar Chitra Katha
One day, after the bhajan session, two men followed Soordas home and fell at his feet, saying they were his brothers. They begged forgiveness for having ill-treated him when he was a child. In reply, Soordas embraced them both, saying, “Dear brothers, don’t embarrass me by saying such things. Don’t regret your actions, my life today is full and rich because of them!”

Hearing of the fame of Soordas, King Akbar sent a messenger, asking Soordas to come and sing in his court. But Soordas politely refused, saying he only sang in the court of his beloved Krishna! When the king offered him a few villages, Soordas sang in reply, “This whole world belongs to Krishna, what is the need to transfer some part of it to me?”

Despite being blind, Soordas would describe, in his bhajans, the Lord’s adornment exactly as it was on a given day. Indeed people said he had the divine sight which revealed the form of God to him!

Can we, people with sight, spend a few moments every day, admiring our Lord’s form?
However good or bad our voice, can we sing a small bhajan of Krishna every day?

Whatever our situation, can we pray for the Lord’s help to succeed in our work?
Like Soordas, can we grow so full of love that we give up our grudges against those who hurt us?

Can we nurture the faith that whoever is or isn’t there, 
God is always there for us?
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  1. Too beautiful....loved the post.thank u for rekindling bhakti..thank u for today's dose.

  2. Especially the end remarks are awesome

  3. Wonderful. So nice to read these little stories.

  4. Sur kahe shyam suno..sharan ham tehari..ab ki bel paar karo nanda ke dulaare..jai surdas ji. Jai shri krishna.

  5. Hare Krishna 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌈 💐🌈💐

  6. Soordaasji bahar se andha the .....andar se nahi. Anaduyaji is mahatma ki jeevan katha ke maadhyam se Aap ne mujhe dikha diya ke mey andar se andha hoon.. Dhanyosmi, Dhanyosmi..

  7. Superb, Anu. Really nice to inculcate bhakthi. Thank you so much.


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