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Monday, 6 June 2016


There are moments, and there are MOMENTOUS OCCASIONS.

There are journeys, and there are MILESTONES.

There are goals, and there is PURPOSE.

There is change, and there is TRANSFORMATION.

There are some who curse the darkness, and there are others who LIGHT THE LAMP.

It is difficult to believe that there can be a common thread that links software engineers, corporate employees, teachers, lecturers, Ph. D scholars, journalists, NGO workers, social workers, counselors, healthcare professionals and housewives.

Yet, that is precisely what we discovered at DISHA’s train the trainer program on 4th and 5th June, 2016.

2 days. 14 hours.
8 trainers. 36 trainees.
A little theory, a lot of practice.
A training model based on the concept of listen and be inspired and also, do and learn. 
The feedback from the trainees about what the training program did for them is proof that
There are planned events, and there are DIVINELY SCRIPTED ones.

When you learn about the greatness of the land you are born in and reflect over where it is now;

When skepticism makes way for a sliver of hope

When the desire takes root to work together to uplift your country and countrymen;

When you determine to make a difference to how your nation shapes up in the future;

That is when a simple training program elevates into an inspirational turning point that motivates the trainees as well as the trainers to be more, give more and do more.

Because… realize….

There are countries, and there is BHARAT.

There are NGOs, and there is DISHA.


  1. Superb Anu. Hats off to you. I wonder how you manage your house, work, writing blogs and social service. Great commitment.

    1. Thank you, Mule. It is not easy, but I make some compromises in certain areas on certain occasions, and so, it is possible.


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