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Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Sands of Time

We’re generally so busy in the present that we don’t really remember the minor events of the past. But sometimes, an event in the present can trigger a memory of the past, burying you in the nostalgia of how different life used to be. 

I went to this place yesterday evening. 

It was quite deserted because of the showers a few hours ago. The training had probably been canceled due to the rains. Looking at these cricket practice nets at the Malleswaram 18th cross playground, I remembered my summer evenings of 7 years ago.

Rushing from college to ferry my 8-year old son to cricket summer camp. 

Must thank my sister for clicking this with her camera
Waiting with the other mums for the 2 hours, interacting little with them, and mostly drowned in some or the other book.

Craning my neck occasionally to catch sight of my kid’s doings.

Observing how he always tried to position himself at the end of the line of kids to be trained. Wondering if he lacked confidence. Then realizing how he used all the waiting time to observe what the coach was explaining to each kid, and using it all to give his best shot when it was his turn.

No smartphone to take pictures to capture events on the spur of the moment. 😄

My return to this ground yesterday made me realize how much had changed in the intervening period.

The focus of summer vacation has changed from cricket to football.

No more ferrying. The 8-year old is now a 15-year old who travels all over Bangalore city on his own, by public transport.

I've gone to the playground only on this one day to pay the camp joining fee and talk to the coach about future plans.

My teenager (green shirt in the picture) is confidently holding his own and taking the initiative in the midst of players even senior to him.

I now have a smartphone to take pictures when I feel like it.😄

Yesterday, as I waited o
n the sidelines, I wasn't reading any book. Instead, I was thinking all these thoughts, and feeling the urge to blog about them. 

Yesterday, it suddenly struck me from deep within, that time does truly change many things - especially perspectives and behavior. 

Yesterday, I also realized that there was actually no reason for me to worry or fret over how things would turn out. This gave me hope for the future, too. It taught me to trust in the process of life, without hankering for instant answers and solutions.

Mostly, it reminded me to be grateful for the fact that these 7 years have been filled with so many blessings. 
Then......sis took this pic
                                                                                                 Now ..... we used a selfie stick

And I couldn’t help praying that 7 years hence, when this teenager is a 22-year old professional or post graduate, I will have equal, if not more, reasons to feel as content and blessed as I feel today.


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