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Thursday, 8 November 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018: Day 8: Your Mind is a Vessel

One day, as I opened the gate to my house, I was greeted by the typical stink of burnt milk. 

Don’t be surprised at how I could tell the cause of the smell from that far. When you live with a forgetful person, all your senses tend to get very keen. You develop something akin to a survival instinct – you can see the lights left on, hear the taps dripping and the fans running, and smell the burnt sambar or milk from a mile away.

When I entered the kitchen, this is the sight that greeted my eyes.

The offender wasn’t around to vent my frustration on, so all I could do is pour some water into the vessel, to allow the muck to detach itself. 

After soaking for a day or two, I gritted my teeth and began the process of scouring the vessel, using a knife and the steel wire scrubber. 

After a day of scrubbing interspersed with soaking for few hours in between, this is what the vessel finally looked like. 

It never struck me to discard the vessel, for it was a sturdy one. Besides, if I had to dump vessels that turned like this, I’d soon be left with a depleted store of utensils. If I chose to replace such damaged vessels, I’d have to raise a campaign asking for deductions in income tax under the heading of utensil allowance.

There’s one major lesson I learned as I scrubbed and scoured out that utensil. Which is why I took photographs at every stage because I intended writing about it someday.   

If we consider our mind to be a vessel, it’s easy to get it mucky. You only need to stop being alert to what you’re letting cook in it and let things fester and heat up inside, and hey, your dirty vessel is ready. 

Removing the grime takes a lot of effort – you need to soak in ideas that have cleansing power, use abrasive tools of your willpower, and scrub really hard to dislodge the dirt. 
Worst of all, there’s no replacement available, so, we have to take really good care of the one mind we have.


  1. Yes madam,
    Our minds are like vessels and after every bad thought, to be cleaned like a vessel. If we leave it, may be spoiled, may not have space for good thoughts and permanently disabled.
    Excellent comparison.

    1. Thank you, Sir. I'm happy you agree :-)

  2. In my wife's absence I take to boiling milk and sometimes forget about it when engrossed with TV or newspaper. Naturally milk boiled over and extinguished the flame. I had to wait anxiously for the escaped explosive gas to mix with the atmosphere. So this is dangerous. And cursing and scrubbing is another unwelcome chore.

    1. So, you've given us the perspective of the forgetful person, and completed the story with the moral that it can be not just unpleasant but also dangerous. Thank you, Sundarsekaran, for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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