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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

NaBloPoMo Day 29 : May Our Brave Martyred Soldiers Attain Sadgati

For the first time in these 29 days, I find myself too drained out to write a blog post. Probably, I should have written it earlier in the day when I had some free time, instead of reading a long-pending John Grisham novel that needs to be returned to the library. Or maybe I should have even got it done before the news of 7 of our Army men being martyred in a terrorist attack in Nagrota today got me all upset. 

Just a few days back, a friend expressed surprise that I hadn’t written anything about 26/11 (yes, I have somehow built up that kind of an expectation) and I’d replied saying a cold, heavy-headedness and mild fever had left me with no energy to write on ‘involved’ topics that raise strong emotion. 

But there had been a few thoughts I had put down subsequently on how we – the common public who can’t give ourselves to fighting the enemy on the border – can work for our country to see better days. The news of today’s terrorist attack with so many of our brave hearts sacrificed moved me in such a way that I spent about an hour writing about this, and combining it with those other thoughts, to prepare an article for Post Card News for whom I write occasionally.

Somehow, now, writing about anything else seems to be superfluous. I know – life has to go on, and we can all only do that which we’re equipped to do. But it seems so unfair – us sitting comfortably here, talking of this and that, reading books, watching TV, sharing jokes on WhatsApp and Facebook, while our men’s lives are snuffed out so cruelly by a rogue state. How many more must we have to lose before it is brought to book???

I don’t generally allow negative emotions to spill to this blogging space, so I guess I’ll just stop here with a prayer to the Almighty that may He grant Sadgati to the brave souls who sacrificed for our nation!

NaBloPoMo November 2016

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  1. Really.. where and how shall we be with out our Soldiers..this post is so well put together..


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