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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 14: Don't Wait for Tomorrow - Start Today!

Have you ever thought about how your life will be, say 10 or 20 years from now? Frankly, I haven’t given much thought to it. Except for looking forward to having more time to do the things I want to, but can’t right now because of obligatory demands on my time. 

But I know of people who have their future roughly or entirely mapped out. And in today’s world with experts to guide you in ‘Retirement Planning,” we’re forced to think of it even if we don’t really feel enthused to do it ourselves. It’s good to know where you are going – because it makes you take the steps you need to take today to get there tomorrow.

Quite a few of us think that once we’re retired, we will make the time to volunteer for some social cause. 

That’s not a good idea, actually. 

For the simple reason that there’s no need to wait. You can start today itself. 

For, to be honest, who knows what tomorrow has in store for us? Will we even have a tomorrow? And will an ageing body and mind cooperate?

Sometimes, a chance encounter can set us thinking on these lines. And pearls of wisdom may be found when you least expect it, from a person whom you never looked at in that angle. This is exactly what Shri P. Venkatesh learned from an encounter with – wait for it – his barber in Coimbatore.

This barber, Shri. Subramanian, was running his saloon on all days of the week except Tuesday. On that day, he had made it a point to visit a home for the destitute, and provide 25 cuttings. He also would carry sweets or fruits he could afford, and take it for the kids in the home. Further more, he expressed his firm resolve to keep running the saloon until his two daughters were settled; after that, he had plans to take up residence in the home itself, so that he could render service full-time there!

Shri. Venkatesh, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, had written about this on his blog. Do read the full post here to get into the feel of how it inspired him.

When I asked people for inputs for NaBloPoMo 2017, Shri. Venkatesh, who is my husband’s cousin’s husband, responded with the story of Shri. Subramanian. He told me that inspired by the latter, he has started volunteering on Saturdays with a home for children called Project Krushi. He says he got associated with this place through his friend who’s part of the project. Shri. Venkatesh intends to slowly get the children to learn basic computer and accounting skills.

I’m very grateful to him for sharing his experience and the story of Shri. Subramanian, and pray that God blesses his new resolve and helps him serve with dedication.

Shri. P. Venkatesh with two of the kids at Project Krushi


  1. It's stories like these that reinforce our belief that humanity is still very much alive in our beloved Bharatavarsham.
    Thanks for inspiring. Srivathsan. V

    1. Indeed, they do. Glad it inspired you, Srivathsan...


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