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Saturday, 4 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 4: The Ripple Effect

When I sent out my message asking for inputs about what has made a difference to your life, one of the first responses came from Veena. Despite being in the middle of an episode of severe pain in both the knees, she called me to share her experience in the hope that it would be of help to someone else.

Veena narrated how, many years ago, she had found herself beset by several problems on different fronts, throwing her into a phase of feeling very, very low. At that time, she happened to visit a doctor who believed strongly in the mind-body connection. Dr. Amruthavalli literally hand-held Veena through the rough times, building confidence in her, and teaching her how to stay positive. Dr. Amruthavalli helped Veena identify all the good qualities she has and Veena says this was the biggest turning point in her life. Here’s a picture of what the good doctor wrote out for Veena in her own handwriting….

Dr. Amruthavalli also encouraged Veena to read and practise the principles from a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay. Over time, Veena found such a transformation in herself that she took it upon herself to organize her friends into a group, and began reading to them from this book, encouraging them to practice those principles in their lives. Many of those women also said they benefited from all this. 

So, one Veena who got the right support at the right time from a caring doctor, became the catalyst who brought about change in so many other lives. Even that day, when she called me to share her story, she was asking about whether I would come to talk to her friends group about how to cultivate the right attitudes for a happy life.

When I heard Veena’s story, I felt grateful for having such friends. Especially those who come into my life through serendipity.

Sometime in July 2013, I attended a meeting of DISHA coordinators. (For those who haven’t read my older posts, DISHA is an organization with whom I volunteer in my free time to conduct value-education workshops for students and teachers.)

During that meeting, one of the coordinators, Mrs. Poornima Purohit announced about a training program for lay counselors being conducted by Prasanna Counseling Centre in Malleswaram. 

Intrigued and interested, and going through my own phase of insecurity because hubby had turned entrepreneur, I joined that training program. For 2 hours, on 2 days in a week, for 6 months, I felt an energy and excitement that told me this was something I wanted to pursue further. 

During the first session, when there was an icebreaker to get all trainees introduced to each other, Veena was one of the first people I spoke to. We got along very well and have kept in touch, off and on, ever since.

Take a look again at that picture of all Dr. Amruthavalli wrote for Veena. And remember that by nudging people to discover the positives in themselves, you can make the world a better place for not just the Veena’s you meet, but also that Veena’s friends and family…and through some Anusuya….to those who are a part of an audience of unknown numbers….


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