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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 21: Can we learn to be kinder???

A few days ago, I got this text from someone who’s been an avid reader of my blogs. She’s put across such an insightful message that is sure to make all of us think about whether we can be kinder than what we are in situations which we breeze through without a second thought…

What she’s written and called “a rough text to express my feelings” is so perfect in itself that I have posted it as such, with minimal changes…

I thought of something, when I read your coffee post...

There are cab drivers, security guards and those people who are cleaning washrooms and restrooms in my office.

My office has three towers. Tower A, B and C.

We have security barriers at Entry gate , inside Tower C and at Exit gate too.

Entry gate has many guards while Exit has only two security barriers and Tower C has four.

I work in night shift and there are nearly 8000 employees in our organization.

My office is on the 5th floor of Tower C. Nearly 90 to 95 % of the crowd doesn't have the access card.

So, the security has to provide the access for the employees to enter the premises. I thank the security guard every time he helps me with his access card.

My cab mates used to tell me,”The company is paying that person for this job and why are you so concerned about it and thanking him everytime you cross the barrier?!”

I felt very bad for their mindset. He is paid for his job. I know it but this person helps me to enter the premises and I feel like thanking him.

I see a smile for at least a second in his face when I say it and he smiles back. To the least, I at least make his muscles feel relaxed for a second This security boy is Rude by the way

This bhaiyya at Tower C tirelessly helps people to get into the lift area... I thank him and he says, “Welcome Mam”.... Everytime... This makes me happy

Exit has only 2 barriers.

He has to help all those 8000 people to reach their cab at 3.30 am. He looks so tired every time and yet, he replies a sleepy, “Thank you” to me when I reach my cab...

Those ladies at the restroom enquire, “What’s special?” whenever I drape a saree, and cheer me up whenever I look dull because I talk to them whenever I meet them in the restroom.

They used to vent out their ire about work issues and the way they get treated by few other employees.

I used to tell them like, “Indha kaadhula vaangina thaney, Akka, innoru kaadhula vittudanum? Indha kaadhula vaangavey vaangadheenga” (Only if you take things in with one ear, you have to let it go out from the other. Why not stop taking it in itself?)

Not listening to others is bad but when someone blames you every single time for something that isn’t your fault, you should ignore it for your own inner peace, I guess.

Many people ill treat these Akkas just because of their job nature.

What if a person who is in a higher position walks right away and shouts in public to a person who is the lowest in the hierarchy?

We shout out for our rights.

Why isn't it given for these people who work to help us throughout our day!

I doubt if such people, who look down on the support staff, are really educated... They wear all those nice dress and look pretty with the make up 🏻

I guess thanking drivers, security guards, maids doesn't affect our dignity in anyway and I teach the kids to do so.

I thought of telling this when I saw your coffee post…..

The person who sent me this is someone who has featured in one of the posts this month….can you take a guess as to who it may be???? 

Its the same girl who wrote this post....


  1. So true
    Many people do this and feel really disturbed , but for the fact that I understand you can not change 2 things in life
    1) your past
    2) the other people
    Hence, I have decided to just do good from my end ..... and be good to all those who help us even in the smallest way.
    May be it's not all about education it's about how cultured you are is wat counts.

    1. You've hit the nail on the head with this comment, Archana. Indeed, it is more about your culture than your education! Thank you for sharing this..

  2. Yes it is good habit and manners to thank every one who help us, whatever their capacity. We can see a flash of smile in their face when we say thanks. Kudos to Miss Nappinnai.

    1. Thank you Sampath ji. Indeed, very proud of Nappinnai :-)


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