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Monday, 20 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 20: The power of "Maybe"...

I’d like you to take a few minutes to watch this video. After you’ve finished, please read on ahead.

Video courtesy: The Sustainable Human 

Like the farmer, we too face many such incidents in our lives – and people around us will exclaim about how lucky or how unfortunate those are. The only difference between us and the farmer in this video is that unlike him, we too get carried away like the people around us and as a result, keep floundering between the highs and lows of joys and sorrows.

If only like that wise farmer, we learn to say “Maybe,” and view every event with an open mind, maybe our struggles would be less difficult.

If we go one step further and learn to accept that everything happens as per Divine will, our heartaches would be fewer.

Caught up as we are in the web of “Sveccha” (Sva + iccha = own wish), we want to have everything happen as per our will. But if we wish to progress to a state of mental equanimity, we must be willing to give up this stubbornness in favour of listening to someone else, and giving in to their way which is called “Pareccha” (Para + iccha = other’s wish). Doing this over a period of time will allow the mind to mellow, lose the sense of attachment to the action, and take us further to the level of “Ishwareccha” (Ishwar + iccha = God’s wish).

When we learn this kind of a faithful acceptance, like the farmer, we will say not just “Maybe” but even “God’s will be done.”


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