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Thursday, 30 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 30: Keep the hope going....

I had planned to end this NaBloPoMo 2017 blogathon by thanking everyone and sharing the feedback I got from many of you. But at the penultimate moment, I received a story from a young engineer who happens to be my husband’s cousin’s son. Part of the same extended family from where Dheepak and Nappinnai come… But Vijay A. Ramani being my relative isn’t the reason why I’m putting his story here. It’s because of the message in this story that holds value for each one of us because it says so eloquently that one must never give up hope…….

Being patient is a good quality for an individual person. Everything comes to you at the right moment. Be patient. Even if a situation doesn’t appear to be good for you at that moment, just wait for the right key to open your door. 

Here I am going to share my personal experience which made me realise why it’s important to not lose hope.

In 2010, I started my B. Tech IT graduation as a lateral entry student and time ticked by quickly. When I entered the final year, placements started.

Initially it was product based companies who visited our campus. Here’s how I fared:

1st company – couldn’t qualify the 2nd round (GD)

Next few companies – didn’t qualify either 1st or 2nd round

Day by day, each of my friends got placed and I was trying to get through each company but failed somewhere.

Then, top MNC companies came to recruit us

With Mindtree, I went up to technical round, then got rejected

Accenture, Wipro, Bosch – I wasn’t able to get through 1st round

CTS – got rejected in final round; same happened for iNautix.

By now, my 7th semester was over only few companies were left to come for placements during the 8th semester. I wrote TANCET exam to be on the safer side (to help for govt jobs or further PG studies within TN) and was able to get 9782 rank out of 3,00,000 people.

In the 8th semester, I got selected by a company but I rejected the offer since they wanted me to sign a bond for 4 years.

College life was over with good memories, but now, fear started building up as I found myself competing with lot of VIPs (Velaiilla Pattadharis – Tamil for 'unemployed graduates').

And yet, I simply held on to the thought inside me that someday or the other the sun will shine on me, too…..

I started applying to all companies through job portals, referrals and walk-in interviews.

I was referred to Caterpillar by Sampath Periappa’s relative for a software engineer position and couldn’t qualify the 2nd round at Bangalore.

My job search continued….I interviewed with nearly 20 companies and still couldn’t get through! And yet, I waited patiently, hopefully, for the key that would open my door. This finally materialized in November, 2013 when I got placed in a small concern of 10 to 15 employees referred by my maternal uncle Srinivasan (Cheenu Mama).

After consulting my mom and dad, I decided to join work. Thus started my IT career at Bangalore with less stipend which latter turned to be a good one. Simultaneously, I was applying to other jobs. I stayed with my maternal aunt’s (Geetha chitti) family for a few months.

Being in Bangalore, I got a good exposure and finally, my friend referred me for HR backend support position. Hurray!! I was offered employment at Caterpillar Bangalore in September 2014, where I’m working till date.

I am happy now for what I am currently.

What I’ve learned through these experiences is that all situations may not turn out good for everyone nor may results be positive every single time. But it is important to be patient and keep trying to find the right key that unlocks your door..

Here, I’d like to thank my dad and mom who always keep encouraging me during my learning days. I’m grateful to all my relatives, friends, cousins and neighbours who helped me by referring me to their known contacts in the IT industry, which helped me to learn and improve myself at each stage.

Patience is not about doing nothing. Patience is about constantly doing everything you can. But being patient about the results.

Now you understand why I couldn’t put this off for the future, don’t you? And I’m sure you’ll give me just one more day – tomorrow – to wrap things up with your and my own views of what the blogathon has done for all of us…………


  1. Excellent penultimate blog. Reading your blogs before going to bed has become a habit. Taper it off Anu. Don't stop abruptly. Will miss it.


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