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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 1: Inspiration Strikes !!

Oct 31, 11.30 pm

I go to bed with a prayer, asking for guidance about what to write for the next one month. I want it to be something that will give insight or inspire the readers.

Nov 1, 9.00 am

Busy cooking, part of my brain is churning, wondering why divine inspiration hasn’t struck yet.

9.25 am

I get the thought that maybe I will, after all, take my sister’s suggestion and write about tips to develop some good qualities. But there are two problems with this – 

One, my experience is limited to certain qualities only; I can’t speak firsthand about the many others which I haven’t yet imbibed. 

Two, there are a few qualities that many wish they could cultivate but – at the risk of sounding egoistic – I’ve been blessed with them without putting any effort (thanks to my amma for reciting Vishnu Sahasranama everyday when she was pregnant with me???). So, again, I can’t really write about those in a way that people can relate to my words.

10.05 am

Before I can slip into the whirlpool of worry again, there’s a mental flash – why not ask people I know to share their stories of what quality in them has made the biggest difference to their life? That way, it will be authentic and many more people will be able to relate to it as compared to me giving out gyaan.

10.10 am

I draft a message asking for inputs from friends and family. I check and find a reassuring statistic: My “Blog Readers” broadcast group on WhatsApp has 196 people. Besides, there a few more people I’m friends with only on Facebook – I don’t have their phone numbers, but they seem to read and follow my writing. I can ask them, too?? Overall, the odds of my finding at least 30 leads for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) seem pretty good.

10.12 am

I finalize the message and hit Send, wondering how long it will take for people to respond. But I have to put aside my phone because hubby is calling out for something.

10.17 am

I can’t believe my eyes! 13 people have sent me their answers in 5 minutes! God is Great !!

11.17 pm

Now, about 13 hours later, I have responses from 40 people. Many have sent messages, a few have called and told me their stories. I’m grateful to all of them. A few say they will mull it over and revert. 

Some say they don’t really know if they have any such good quality that has made a difference to their life. I tell them to examine the question with more care – it’s more likely that they haven’t really paid attention to their own life journey. 

As to the others on my list who haven’t yet responded – either they are busy with something else and will get back later; or it isn’t yet Krishna’s will for them to respond right now. 

But I’m sure of one thing that my quest has achieved – it’s making people look at themselves in a positive light. In a world where our faults are more likely to be pointed out rather than the positives, isn’t it time we got around to giving ourselves a pat on the back, a big hug, and be, in every sense, our own best friends?

I’ll sign off on this optimistic note until tomorrow – hopefully, a little earlier in the day.


  1. Yes, we are always so intent on finding what is wrong within ourselves that we fail to reflect on our good selves.
    Tx for the gentle nudge to do so👍

  2. There you got your inspiration. In network marketing especially n life in general it is a dictum.."what you want for yourself.. Help others also to get that..then you will get it so will the others." in spiritual practicen progress also it is the same. When we concentrate n put efforts for the progress of others also we also progress faster. "..All the best. Tough began this series with a thought in mind, that of inspiring others n creating insight. See you yourself for plenty of it. I m inspired too. All my own multiple projects which have remained as wishes only will also probably find the momentum to emerge out n manifest in action. Best wishes anu. Keep going with the same ernestness and humility.


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