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Thursday, 23 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 23: The Jyothy who glows and spreads light...

About two years ago, a friend put me in touch with a group of like-minded ladies by adding me to their WhatsApp group. A few months after this, I sent this group an invite to a DISHA training program. 

One of the ladies who attended the training was Mrs. Jyothy Menon. Ever since, we kept in touch, even coordinating the farewell gift for the friend who first got me in touch with the group, who was now leaving for the US. 

Jyothy keeps sending me information about certain programs – parenting workshops, self-development seminars, Bhagavad Geeta lectures and so on. Every single time, it turns out that she is involved with organizing the program in some capacity or the other. 
The latest program Jyothy is involved in organizing...if you're in Bengaluru and interested, do make time to attend!

So, beyond the fact that she is a dynamic woman with deep faith in the teachings of the Geeta, I knew next to nothing about Jyothy's personal life. 

Which is why I was dumbstruck when she shared her story with me, with the preamble, “When I decided to take full responsibility of my life and to be a provider than a receiver, things started to change for me.”

Here’s the rest of her story, in her own words….

17 years back I was in a very bad state. A young jobless lady with a son with congenital problem, husband’s business in ruins , ill treated by close family…..

I got exposed to life’s realities in a very hard way.

Got married at 21 without any social interaction other than convent school and college. In a year, had my son with lot of issues. My parents - both government officers entrusted me with a businessman hubby, saying he would be able to provide much more than a salaried person .

Business crashed within the same year and tons of liabilities piled up.

I had no clue on how to get a straw. I worked as guest faculty, earning a meagre sum.

I got rejected in many interviews for government jobs in the very last round- due to my lack of confidence, introversion, and of course - job reservation criteria.

Then I decided that I should take full responsibility of my life- which I had not done so far. My marriage decision was 100% by my parents. Child decision by my hubby and his mom. All the decisions made without my involvement had proved to be disastrous. So, I decided to get involved.

I moved to Bangalore in search of a job because in Kerala, it was near to impossible for a mother to get a stable job.

Ever since I started working in Bangalore, I have been the best performer in the various companies in which I worked….. even today it continues.

I provide for my family, for many special children and for tribal children. I help people to get jobs, do family counselling, draw vastu compliant low cost house plans , interior designing, life coaching, organize Satsang programs, do fund raising for dharmik activities - all with a full time job, with support from my husband.

To those who ask, “How do you do so many things?” my standard reply is- I’m like a rocket . When your a** is on fire, you cannot sit. You can only move up.”

Jokes apart, it is just because of the realisation that - you will have everybody, when you have everything, and the converse is equally true….you won’t have anybody when you don’t have anything... You will be valued only as long as you are a provider/ giver…

Something I really appreciate is congruence of thoughts, words and deeds. At a stage when I had nothing good to hope for, I decided to provide Hope to those in need.

This has helped many….

And Bhagavadgita has always been and continues to be my only Guru – that’s the life manual for me….

Today, I’m successful on my own terms- influencing and impacting many lives in a positive way.

Once, when I didn’t know Jyothy very well, I’d heard someone in the group praise her, saying she knows the whole Bhagavad Geeta by heart. I remember wondering if she only knew the words, or practiced the teachings in her life too. Now, after reading what she’s shared with me, I know the answer….and I feel blessed that yet again, God’s grace has put me in touch with such a positive and inspiring person. 

Today, when I asked Jyothy how she has so much energy to give to so many activities, her reply was, "Nimitta Maatram" (merely an instrument in the hands of the Lord).............

If anyone facing some kind of difficulty is reading this post, I’d like to say to him or her, “Learn from Jyothy’s example that nothing is impossible if you set your body, mind and soul to it.”


  1. ॐ नमः शिवायः

    Namasthe Dhanyathmans

    There are some people who carries their names , Jyothi is light and she is being a light at all around. I do appreciate her incomparable dedication and commitment to Sanathana Dharmma and the life, and its very remarkable her positive verticality in every thing she does.
    Its graceful to see many of us join to support her to flourish much more beautiful things ahead.
    I would love to reveal one more hidden qualities in her is her outstanding compassion and talent in music and English language.

    Also Smt. Anushya Suresh deserves an appreciation for bringing this light to the world in a beautiful way.

    All my Blessings for Jyothi Ma. Namasthe , Sri Venudas

  2. Nimmitta mathram ... wow ..... forget leading life by thode words just to say it ,it's filling with so much +ve vibes . Loved both the experience and the personality 👏👏👏💐

  3. Jyothi. Inspiring post. Getting to know you and working with you has been a special experience for me. Your attitude of 'Nimmitam Maatram' is all you will require. You've taken charge of life - and are acting where most folks react.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Nirmala for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Even in darkness Light dawns ... For those who B E L I E V E.

    Jyothy is a divine graceful Soul ~ She carries an anazing Aura & God's special blessings. This blog seems to be a true reflection of her inner resolve to contribute her best to the extended society. Inspiring indeed!!!

    Love & prayers


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