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Saturday, 18 November 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 18: Give freely of your appreciation

A friend from Poona, Mrs. Mythily, wrote to me in response to my query of what has made the biggest difference to her life. She says:

“Appreciation is one thing we all like and look forward to. I, for some reason was very stingy in appreciating. Basically a very positive person, it took me a lot of years to realise this flaw in me. Once I realized, I started going out of my way to thank and appreciate people for even little things they had done, not necessarily for me, but for a general cause. I started this with persons known to me. Then it was easy to appreciate even strangers. For example, the cab driver who did not breach the red signal in spite of the loud honking. The municipal sweeper who braved the biting cold to keep our roads clean.

It not only made the receiver happy, but I too got immense joy and felt nice . So much so that now, I seek out a chance to laud. This habit helps me to see the postive in people around me and also has earned me a lot of friends. I don't know if this has made the biggest difference in my life but it has certainly made a BIG difference.”

What a lovely viewpoint, don’t you think?

If only we can momentarily even step out of the cocoon we’ve created around ourselves – my family, my child, my job, my goals, my dreams, my problems– and take a look at others around with new eyes, how much is there to learn and feel happy about

We all know how good it feels to receive appreciation. And yet, we’re very kanjoos (stingy) when it comes to giving it out. Like Mrs. Mythily pointed out, it may not be that we’re deliberately avoiding it; maybe the thought never strikes us.

But once it comes to our attention, we must try to adopt this in our lives. Along with all the other results that Mrs. Mythily has talked about, I’m sure that over time, it will completely change our outlook on things. Even in situations when there seems to be only gloom and doom, we will begin to look for the positive.

And, as the “Law of Attraction” says, the more you seek of something, the greater is the force with which you attract it into your life. If you look for things to crib about, you’ll have more of those; if you look for things to feel happy about or to praise, you’ll find more of these.

This attitude of appreciating people can work wonders in all your relationships too. Not only because your praise makes the other person happy, but also because focusing on praise-worthy things in someone helps you see them in a new light - a more positive one.

Right from when he was old enough to speak, I taught my son to say, “Thank you” to the auto driver when we exited the autorickshaw. At first, I had to keep reminding him every time. Later, it became an unconscious habit that continues to this day. And I always notice that even the most gloomy or grumpy auto drivers never fail to smile back when he says this. I like to think that by this small expression of gratitude, we’re creating one tiny bright spot in someone’s day.

I’d like to end this post by appreciating Mrs. Mythily for sharing her insights with us. And to think that this wonderful person is someone I met by serendipity during a chance encounter that lasted less than 10 hours! If you’d like to read about that encounter, do read this post of February 2016.

The more I notice the way my life is panning out, the more I come to realize that throughout my life, I’ve come into contact with several people who have enriched my life directly and indirectly. It convinces me that nothing is a chance encounter….it’s all Divine will to make me a better person….maybe someday I should write a post on this!!


  1. I too m into this habit of saying thank you to the auto driver every day which is my daily transport to office..liked the approach of looking at it..

    1. That's nice to know, Meena. Thank you for sharing.

  2. How beautiful the thought itself to genuinely appreciate people for whatever they do for us ?!
    Amazing .....

    1. Isn't it? Thank you for saying so, Archana...


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